Woman Sentenced Six Months in Prison for Allowing Minors to Drink

Underage drinking is an issue closely related to underage DUI, and the U.S. government is starting to take both issues very seriously. Last year, a 37 year old woman hosted an underage drinking party at her house. This year, she was sentenced six months in prison followed by six months of home confinement for allowing teenage drinking in her home in 2010. Typically, jail time is not sentenced to adults who allow drinking unless a fatality is involved.

In the case of this woman, no fatalities occurred under her supervision, but a 16 year old friend of her daughter was rushed to the hospital after suffering alcohol poisoning at the party. Prosecutors pushed for the woman to serve 11 months in jail, but she was eventually sentenced six months instead. The woman's family described the sentence as "very harsh," but others are grateful for the judge's strict sentencing.

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