How to Handle False Domestic Violence Claims

Inaccurate domestic violence claims can be detrimental to another person’s criminal record and may affect that person’s life forever. Domestic violence claims can include anything involving:

  • Assault
  • Battery
  • Stalking
  • Criminal harassment

No matter what the claim may be, it is best to handle the situation by retaining an experienced and knowledgeable criminal defense lawyer to make sure your rights are protected. Below is a list of different approaches you may want to consider when handling a partner’s inaccurate domestic violence claims or threats.

1.If the two of you are unmarried but share a dwelling…

Contact an attorney to discuss the different ways you can have your partner removed from the home. Additionally, seek help or advice from a law enforcement agent if your spouse has threatened to make false claims against you. This may save you from an unnecessary arrest or holding.

2.If you two are married…

Get in touch with a lawyer to decide the safest way to end the marriage. In doing this, you have a better chance of safeguarding your rights, despite what your partner may claim or threaten to claim.

3.If you are married but are apprehensive about terminating the relationship due to reasons such as shared children…

Contact a knowledgeable criminal defense attorney to discuss how you can protect yourself from false allegations without jeopardizing the custody of your child.

Law enforcement officers are trained to protect people. If a person claims they were harmed, officers will usually do anything possible to ensure that person’s safety, especially if children are involved. In fact, nearly 700,000 wrongful arrests occur annually due to inaccurate domestic violence claims. Although you may not be convicted, a domestic violence claim can have significant effects on your life immediately and until your case is handled properly.

Fight the Inaccurate Domestic Violence Accusations Made Against Your

It is important to retain an aggressive and relentless criminal defense lawyer if you are facing false domestic violence charges. Without the proper representation, your future and your rights may be at stake. Do not let a wrongful conviction result in a jail sentence or penalties that can ruin your future forever. Let us fight for you. Our aggressive Atlanta criminal defense lawyers at The Law Offices of Howard J. Weintraub, P.C. are ready to fight for you.

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