Facing Family Violence Charges?

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If you were charged with committing an act of violence towards another family member, you must understand all of the repercussions. Charges of domestic violence can have a multitude of negative effects, some of which may be irreparable. You should know, though, that you have a right to obtain legal counsel and defend yourself if you were falsely accused.

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Types of Cases We Handle

Family violence is a form of domestic violence that can happen at any moment. While some cases may be more complex than others, the legal definition is a form of violence that is brought upon by one family member to another, such as between parents and children, or others who live in the same household. These acts may be coercive, abusive, threatening, or the individual accused may use force. It may also mean emotional or economic abuse.

Here are common examples of family violence:

  • Battery
  • Domestic violence
  • Sexual abuse
  • Child sexual abuse
  • Stalking

The punishments for family violence acts are often much more severe than in cases where violence is committed between strangers. Not to mention, there may often be an emotional element involved between family members that may be damaging to one another's trust. Some penalties may include fines worth thousands of dollars and jail or prison time. In the some situations, family members can request to have a courts order a restraining order on the family member. If you were accused, it is especially important that you seek out an Atlanta domestic violence lawyer right away to come to your defense and protect you from facing these penalties.

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