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Atlanta Manslaughter Defense Attorney

Aggressive Manslaughter Lawyer

Manslaughter is defined as a form of homicide which is the unlawful killing of another human being without malice aforethought, or without the prior intent to kill another. Manslaughter breaks down into two subcategories - involuntary and voluntary. Voluntary manslaughter is generally an intentional homicide in the heat of passion or after a reasonable provocation. Often, voluntary manslaughter is a result of self-defense. Involuntary manslaughter, on the other hand, occurs when someone dies as a consequence of the defendant's irresponsibility or recklessness, or some illegal act which is not a felony. Manslaughter is differentiated from murder, which includes in its definition an intention or premeditation to kill.

Penalties for Manslaughter

Manslaughter is a less serious crime than murder - however it still carries with it harsh penalties. If you've been convicted of involuntary manslaughter, you can receive from two to four years in prison - and for voluntary manslaughter anywhere from three to 11 years in prison.

If you've been charged with any form of manslaughter, it is extremely important that you take immediate steps to protect your rights. Do not leave yourself unprotected. You will need an aggressive Atlanta federal criminal defense attorney to help create an effective defense in court. At The Law Offices of Howard J. Weintraub, P.C., we will fight to do everything possible to have your charges either reduced or dropped. By choosing representation with our firm, you will be supported by an advocate that you can trust and who will diligently work to resolve your case to a successful outcome. Our attorneys have more than 40 combined years of experience, and are committed to working tirelessly on your behalf to help you avoid the long-term penalties of a manslaughter conviction. We encourage you to meet with us for an interview about your case before speaking with any prosecutor or law enforcement official.