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Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is a serious criminal offense. When certain aggravating circumstances are involved, a DUI charge can be elevated to a felony crime. As a felony, these charges pose the most serious penalties, as well as mandatory terms of imprisonment.

You may face felony DUI charges for:

The Punishments for a Felony DUI Conviction

According to §40-6-391 of the 2010 Georgia Code, it is considered a felony offense to be convicted for a fourth DUI if you have three prior DUI convictions on your record within the past 10 years. Should this occur, the penalties that are associated with the offense will be elevated in severity. According to the law, a fourth DUI conviction carries with it penalties that include the following:

  • Monetary fine between $1000 and $5000;
  • Imprisonment between one and five years;
  • Minimum of sixty days of community service;
  • Mandatory completion of Risk Reduction Program;
  • Probation period of five years less days of imprisonment; and
  • Clinical evaluation and possible substance abuse treatment program

Felony DUI charges that involve accidents where a victim was injured or killed will also increase penalties. For example, homicide by vehicle is punishable by up to 15 years in prison. If you are being charged with a felony DUI, working with an experienced attorney should be your first priority. Contact our firm today and work with our Atlanta DUI attorneys!

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