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Ignition Interlock Device Attorney

Potential DUI Penalty in Atlanta, GA

An ignition interlock device (IID) is one of several harsh penalties that may result from a DUI conviction. This mechanism operates in such a way as to prevent an intoxicated driver from operating his or her vehicle. The driver of the vehicle exhales into the device before the engine of the car or truck can start up. The IID then measures the blood alcohol content of the driver, and if the BAC exceeds the device's limit (commonly .02% or .04%), the engine will not start.

Understanding the Ignition Interlock Device

IIDs are often installed upon a second DUI within five years of the first DUI, or after an individual has been charged with two or more DUIs. Repeat DUI offenders are commonly subjected to this penalty. IIDs are usually installed for a period of 6 to 12 months.

At The Law Offices of Howard J. Weintraub, P.C., we know how troubling the IID can be. Our Atlanta DUI lawyer offers clients guidance and instruction for those who face the IID penalty. Proper handling and use of the device can prevent any further legal trouble.

Don't get left in the dark. Contact our firm today to learn more about the ignition interlock device and how we may help you through the legal procedures!

Preventing IID Installation

The ignition interlock device comes with substantial hardship. Not only are driving privileges commonly restricted to employment, academic, and other necessary responsibilities, but individuals are also in charge of paying for the device's installation and maintenance. Trying to work around the IID or tampering may only result in additional legal penalties.

The best way to minimize the harsh effects of an IID is preventing the penalty or reducing the required time of its use. With the help of our DUI defense lawyer in Atlanta, you may find a positive resolution. Whether you submit an Ignition Interlock Waiver Application to obtain a limited permit or contest the DUI charges, we may help you pursue an effective course of legal action.

40+ Years of Experience in DUI Defense & Procedures

As former prosecutors, our Atlanta DUI attorneys bring valuable experience to our clients' defenses. When it comes to defending against DUI charges and minimizing penalties, it pays to know both sides of the courtroom. By contesting the evidence brought against you, our team may be able to secure a case dismissal or even have you acquitted of the DUI charge. There are many ways to handle the penalties of an ignition interlock device—explore your legal options with our criminal defense team fighting in your corner!