"New Edition" Singer Gets 55 Days in Jail for DUI

A singer-songwriter known for his contributions to the 1980's R&B group "New Edition" received a 55-day jail sentence for drunk driving, Atlanta news sources report. The suspected (BB) is a resident of Johns Creek, Atlanta but his arrest took place several months ago in Los Angeles, California. The 55-day period of incarceration will be accompanied by a four-year probation sentence. According to a spokesman for the city attorney, BB was sentenced after he was convicted for DUI and driving on a suspended driver's license. BB did not contest the charges. After jail, the singer-songwriter will complete an 18-month program for alcohol treatment.

Understanding Out-of-State DUIs

Out-of-state DUIs can be extremely complicated. If a driver lives in State A and is arrested for drunk driving in State B, he/she may have to deal with a series of legal complications that wouldn't exist if the arrested took place in State A. For example: Imagine that you live in L.A. and are visiting relatives in Atlanta, Georgia. If you are arrested for drunk driving, you may have to deal with legal proceedings in Atlanta – not your home state. This may include unnecessary travel expenses and other legal problems.

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