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Federal Drug Trafficking Charges

Federal Criminal Defense Attorney

Federal drug trafficking is a crime that involves the cultivation or manufacturing of an illegal drug. Once the drug has been prepared, it is distributed, sold, transported, imported, or exported across state lines, or internationally. The federal government has devised its own set of mandatory minimum penalties for trafficking. These penalties can vary considerably depending on the type of drug involved in the crime, and the amount found. A person convicted on federal drug trafficking charges may face fines in the millions of dollars (in some cases up to $20 million) and a prison sentence that lasts for decades or even the duration of their lifetime. Certain factors can serve to enhance the penalties levied at a person convicted of trafficking, such as the sale or distribution of drugs to minors or near a school, or the possession of a prior criminal record.

Legal Representation for Drug Trafficking Crimes

The Law Offices of Howard J. Weintraub, P.C. was established in 1975 with the purpose of protecting the rights of individuals who have been accused of serious crimes. The firm fully believes that every person is entitled to fair and fact-based legal proceedings when charged with a crime, and so we provide zealous defense to our clients in an effort to secure the most favorable results possible in their cases. Our team of legal professionals is available to help you if you have been accused of drug trafficking, and our aggressive defense against your charges may serve to bring about the desired result in your case.