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Money Laundering Crimes

Atlanta Federal Defense Lawyer

Money laundering is aggressively pursued by federal prosecutor. In recent years, the number of indictments involving drug trafficking, mortgage fraud, and other white collar crimes continues to remain prevalent in criminal court litigation. Money laundering is a serious offense that is often related to other crimes because it specifically involves the laundering of "dirty money" that is derived from illegal activities. If you are under investigation for money laundering, securing dedicated legal representation from an Atlanta federal defense lawyer is the first step to protecting your rights.

The Law Offices of Howard J. Weintraub, P.C., provides smart, tactical defense representation to business professionals and other clients facing money laundering charges in Georgia and throughout the nation. Contact us to discuss your case with an experienced and aggressive lawyer. We defend clients under investigation or facing money laundering charges involving:

  • Illegal wire transfers
  • Failing to report transactions over $10,000
  • Structuring transactions to conceal value or source
  • Failing to perform due diligence to determine source of large amounts of money entering the business
  • Other financial transactions involving proceeds of unlawful activity

Money Laundering and Asset Forfeiture

Most clients facing federal money laundering indictment also have challenges involving asset forfeiture. Any money that law enforcement deems to be derived from illegal activity or purchased from the funds of unlawful activity can be seized by the government. This includes funds that are comingled with illegal funds. In obtaining aggressive defense representation in your money laundering case, your rights will be fully protected, and you will have a much stronger chance of protecting your assets from unfair or undue seizure by federal authorities.