Everything You Need to Know about Ignition Interlock Devices (IID)

An Ignition Interlock Device (IID) is a small machine (slightly larger than a cell phone that connects to your car's ignition system. After installation, the IID will not allow your car to start until you produce a breath sample indicating that your bloodstream doesn't contain any alcohol. IIDs are used to prevent drunk driving. According to the International Council on Alcohol, Drugs, and Traffic Safety, IIDS (when combined with other programs) reduce the rate of repeat DUI offenders by nearly 50%. However, IIDs aren't always accurate. To learn more, read the frequently asked questions below:

Will the IID detect alcohol-based medications? Yes. IIDs are designed to detect any amount of alcohol, regardless of its source. In fact, IIDs have been known to detect mouthwash, cough syrup, and other medications too. Typically, you will learn about these risks during your IID training session. If you use mouthwash, the IID may detect it on your breath and register a "fail" in its memory bank. To avoid false readings, allow the mouthwash to dissipate from your mouth before using the IID.

Can I obtain an IID waiver? Under certain circumstances, drivers can obtain "hardship waivers" to avoid using the IID. In other words: you must be able to demonstrate that the IID is a financial hardship. If your petition is accepted, a judge may give you the IID waiver. If you cannot demonstrate a serious financial hardship related to the IID, your petition will not be granted. Talk to the legal team at Law Offices of Howard J. Weintraub to see what our DUI lawyers in Atlanta can do for your case. With an aggressive lawyer fighting for you, you may be able to obtain an IID waiver.

Can other people driver my car with the IID attached? Other motorists are allowed to operate your car, but they must pass the IID. Additionally, any driver that may use the vehicle (such as a spouse or family member) should receive the proper training. If another driver fails the test, you will be held responsible for the failure. In other words, you will be held accountable for every result that the IID records – even if someone else is actually driving the car.

What happens if I forget my service appointment? Most of the time, your IID will remind you. For instance: the IID may flash or make noise if it needs any kind of service. If you ignore the reminder and avoid your service appointment, the IID will eventually turn off your car, lock you out of the IID system and not allow you to restart it.

What happens if I leave my car running? The IID may randomly ask for a breath sample at any time. If you do not produce a sample, IID will log the incident as a failure. This feature is designed to keep participants from leaving their cars running outside of a bar to avoid taking the breath test. Some designs honk the car horn until the driver turns it off.

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