Four Ways to Make Your DUI Even Worse

Facing a drunk driving arrest is hard enough, but certain circumstances can make your criminal charge even worse. In Georgia, drunk driving charges can escalate, depending on the events that take place before and during your arrest. Excessive speed can heighten your DUI charges. If police arrest you for driving under the influence while speeding, you could face additional charges and penalties in court. For instance, you could be charged with reckless driving and drunk driving.

Secondly, driving with children or minors in the car can lead to additional charges. In some cases, you could face child endangerment charges in addition to allegations of DUI. Extra charges will lead to heightened penalties, jail time, and fines. Similarly, injuring another person can increase the consequences of your DUI charge. DUI with injury is a serious offense and may lead to charges of vehicular manslaughter or vehicular homicide.

Finally, failing to cooperate with law enforcement can lead to additional charges. Sometimes, aggravated drivers fight with the police during the traffic stop. This doesn't result in anything good – only added penalties. If you argue or fight with law enforcement during the traffic stop or arrested, you could be accused of resisting arrest in addition to drunk driving.

DUI Lawyers in Atlanta, Georgia

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