Is It Hard to Get a DUI Dismissed in Georgia?

driver holding a beer with his hand on his head, police lights behind him

After being arrested and charged with DUI, one of the best possible outcomes is for the case to be dismissed. A case is dismissed when the judge or prosecutors determine the evidence against the defendant is not strong enough to justify moving forward. So, how hard is it to get this outcome for your DUI case? Let’s discuss what gives you the best chance of reaching this resolution.

Why Do DUI Cases Get Dismissed?

Typically, criminal cases will be dismissed for one of the following reasons:

  • Insufficient amount of evidence
  • Weak or unreliable evidence
  • Illegally collected evidence
  • Violations of the defendant’s constitutional rights
  • Illegal traffic stop

Case dismissals are almost always permanent. The courts cannot later change their mind and attempt to refile charges for the same offense.

How To Get a DUI Case Dismissed

The best thing you can do to get a case dismissed is work with an attorney. It is not easy to get a DUI case dismissed, especially if you attempt to handle the case on your own.

An experienced attorney can closely sort through the evidence to find shortcomings that can later be used to prove why the case should be dismissed. Additionally, a defense attorney can help negotiate a plea on your behalf that would lead to the case being dismissed.

Once your defense attorney learns the details of your DUI case, they can begin investigating and determining what the best course of action is based on the available information and evidence.

Atlanta DUI Defense Lawyer

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