Govenor Deal Signs New DUI Law

Last week, Governor Nathan Deal signed into law Senate Bill 236 which reduces the driver's license suspension for individuals convicted of a second DUI offense within a five year period. Senate Bill 236 reduces the 12 month license suspension period to a four-month suspension if approved by the court and if the individual installs an ignition interlock device.

This law is good news for those finding themselves charged with DUI offenses in Georgia. Often the harshest penalties facing individuals charged with DUI are the mandatory license suspensions associated with DUI convictions. These suspensions can greatly impact on an individuals ability to obtain and maintain employment.

Therefore, if you or someone you know is charged with a DUI offense in Georgia, it is important to hire an Atlanta DUI lawyer that knows all of the potential consequences of a DUI conviction and can fight to protect your license. Contact Weintraub & Alper Legal. immediately to speak with an attorney.

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