Atlanta Local Faces Hit-and-Run Charges

A student at an Atlanta high school is currently facing hit-and-run charges after she was arrested in connection with an accident on Thursday night. The high school senior shot herself in the leg with a gun earlier in the work while on her campus, bringing concern and immediate worry to others there in light of the campus shootings that have occurred in recent months.

The teen was charged with four felonies in the hit-and-run case alone, and was told that she had committee aggravated assault on a law enforcement officer, and committed obstruction of justice. She was also charged with fleeing and attempting to elude a police officer and charged with reckless driving.

She also faces a misdemeanor hit-and-run charge. The accident happened in the parking lot of an Atlanta McDonald’s. Supposedly, a police officer watched the teen hit a city vehicle and asked her to pull over, but she sped off away from the police car. The teen will be back in court in mid-March to deal with her crimes. She is forbidden from driving a car because of her actions.

Her parents told Fox 5 recently that they were not aware of the new charges but they didn’t own the type of vehicle that was involved in the accident so they assume that their daughter had borrowed someone’s car. The teen is also waiting a trial for her charges regarding carrying a weapon within a school safety zone and a charge of reckless conduct.

Because this teen is 17-years-old, the prosecution may determine that they will try her as an adult for her various crimes. If convicted, this means she could spend time in jail or prison rather than in a juvenile detention facility. Adults are often given harsher sentences than juveniles, so if possible you will want to advocate for a juvenile court trial.

The Atlanta native has also been accused of possession of a pistol by a minor and a disruption of a public school. It is not clear yet whether or not the troubled teen will be allowed to continue at her school if she will be sent to a juvenile detention facility. If your child has been accused of serious crimes like these, you will want your loved one to have the best representation possible.

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