Butane Hash Oil: The Next Big Marijuana Trend

Everything old becomes new again. While Butane Hash Oil (BHO) has been around for decades, it is currently undergoing a resurgence in popularity in marijuana culture. This “new” old trend is being made and used with increasing frequency all over the United States. What is BHO, and is it legal?

What is Butane Hash Oil?

BHO is made by blasting marijuana leaves with butane in order to strip it of its cannabinoids. The liquid mixture is then left to evaporate, purging the butane and leaving behind a sticky, honey-like substance that is almost entirely made up of THC, the chemical responsible for intoxication. This substance is then ingested or smoked.

Marijuana laws are changing across the country, so it is natural to wonder about the legality of the drug. Manufacturing BHO is currently illegal and is a growing concern not only because of its highly intoxicating properties, but also because the production process is extremely dangerous. Several serious fires have occurred throughout the country when explosive solvents and marijuana are present in the same place. Not only is the safety of the user jeopardized, but the safety of others as well.

Legal Consequences for Drug Crimes

Cops are aware of this new drug trend and are cracking down on BHO manufacturing and use. Even if you have permission from the state to cultivate marijuana plants for medical usage, it is unlawful to be in possession of both butane and marijuana. If you are found to be in possession for the purposes of manufacturing, you may find yourself facing criminal charges, jail time, and more.

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