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Arrested for a Heroin Offense?

Get an Experienced Atlanta Drug Crime Lawyer on Your Case

Heroin is considered one of the most addicting drugs and because of this, Georgia law punishes anyone found in possession of this substance can face some hefty punishments. Prosecutors spare no expense to arrest whomever they believe is in violation of a drug crime. The law considers possession of heroin in any amount a felony-level offense, and this entails strict punishments.

These are the following penalties for heroin drug charges:

  • Possession:
  • Imprisonment for 2-15 years
  • 5-30 years imprisonment for additional offenses
  • Sales:
  • Imprisonment for 5-30 years
  • Life imprisonment for additional offenses
  • Trafficking:
  • 4-14 grams: 5 years, $50, 000 fine
  • 14-28 grams: 10 years, $100, 000 fine
  • 28 grams or more: 25 years, $500, 000 fine

Understanding Drug Crime Laws

Georgia law penalizes heroin possession heavily because of its highly addictive qualities. Not only can addiction lead to a whole host of negative effects for the user, it can spread infection and other diseases to others. Caring for patients places immense strains on hospitals, as well. That is why legislators are cracking down to prevent drug possession and deter others from doing the same.

Call Our Atlanta Drug Crime Attorney!

An experienced attorney who knows all of the laws related to criminal charges, specifically drug crimes, is essential to fighting your charges. We have been known to reduce the penalties and even obtain case dismissals. Having worked as a federal prosecutor in the past, Attorney Howard J. Weintraub, has knowledge of both sides of the court. He knows the type of arguments prosecutors will use to validate charges. Fortunately, he also knows how to employ aggressive defense tactics and thorough investigation to determine whether or not the evidence is valid enough to secure that conviction.

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