Georgia State Lawmaker Faces DUI Charges: Will a Conviction be Made?

The same state lawmaker who adamantly supported drug testing of Welfare recipients in Georgia was pulled over and subsequently charged with DUI around midnight on April 2, 2013. The Georgia State House Representative was pulled over in Coffee County where a law enforcement officer reported that the state representative was driving irregularly.

The state representative's charges are not his first. In 2010, he was also cited for DUI, but the citation was ultimately dismissed when the lawmaker pleaded guilty to reckless driving. Whether or not he will fare the same this time around has yet to be seen. The representative's track record, and his active involvement in the 2012 GOP motion to pass a welfare drug testing bill, will almost certainly be taken into consideration when the case is reviewed.

In light of the recent incident, the state representative released the following statement, "Just as I do not intend to seek any special treatment, I hope that I am not unfairly pre-judged based on rumor and speculation." Already released on bond, the statesman continued to say, "I am confident that as facts of this situation are revealed, the interests of justice will be served."

The measures that have been taken on the representative's behalf in relation to drug testing and control clearly indicate that he is invested in "clean" living. Why, then, would he be drinking and driving? It seems that a strong defense could be built on the defendant's behalf, one which would allow for the "interests of justice" to be served as hoped for by the statesman.

The case is still pending, and only time will tell what might become of the Georgia statesman whose integrity has been questioned by his recent DUI charges. At The Law Offices of Howard J. Weintraub, however, we firmly believe in the old adage that a defendant is innocent until proven guilty, and our defensive representation is tailored around precisely this notion.

Under the representation of an Atlanta criminal defense attorney at our firm, DUI defendants that have found themselves in similar situations as the one in which one of our state lawmaker's recently found himself can aggressively fight their charges. Both steadfast and unwavering, the efforts we invest into the defense of our clients' cases have proven to be effective time and again, and we feel confident in our ability to tackle situations of every nature, including those that reflect a similar situation to the one described above.

To learn more about how you can fight a DUI in Georgia, contact an Atlanta DUI lawyer at The Law Offices of Howard J. Weintraub today.

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