Athens Man Charged with DUI Indicted on Additional Twelve Counts

An Athens man was recently indicted on 13 charges stemming from a near-fatal hit-and-run accident that occurred earlier this year. In February, the man hit and critically injured a local woman as she was walking on Oak Street in Athens before fleeing the scene. The man was later apprehended and charged with driving under the influence (DUI).

After investigations conducted by local law enforcement agencies sifted through the many crimes involved in the incident, a Clark County Grand Jury returned an astonishing 13-count indictment against the man this Tuesday. Among the many allegations included in the indictment were charges for a DUI, open container violation, reckless driving, serious injury by vehicle, fleeing the scene of an accident, failure to maintain lane position, and failure to report an accident. The woman who was critically injured is still recovering from the incident.

Multiple Charges, DUIs & Enhanced Penalties

While on the extreme end of the spectrum, the 13-count indictment against the Athens man does help illustrate the fact that prosecutors and local law enforcement agencies in Georgia leave nothing behind when holding impaired drivers accountable for their actions. While a conviction for any DUI offense is already severe – including possible terms of imprisonment, fines, driver's license suspensions, and court-mandated classes – other circumstances and charges can quickly elevate these penalties to devastating, life-altering proportions.

Common charges associated with a DUI most typically include open container violations, DUI accidents causing injury, and hit-and-run. Whatever the additional charge may be, they elevate the seriousness of a case and impose much harsher criminal consequences, particularly lengthier terms of imprisonment, larger fines, and more unsavory criminal records. If an individual already has a prior DUI conviction on their record within 10 years of a new charge, these penalties will be further enhanced.

For anyone who currently stands accused of a multiple DUI, or a DUI charge that involves additional criminal allegations, working with seasoned DUI defense attorneys is of the utmost importance. With such crippling criminal penalties at stake, these types of cases demand the attention of legal representation capable of dismissing or reducing charges and penalties as much as possible.

If you or your loved one is facing a DUI with serious additional allegations, do not delay in seeking the representation you need to protect your freedom and future. Capable of handling even the most serious and complex cases, our Atlanta DUI lawyers are prepared to begin working immediately on your defense. Contact the Law Offices of Howard J. Weintraub to discuss your case today.

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