DUI Arrests in Georgia Rise During Labor Day Weekend

The end of summer and the days surrounding holidays are historically the most dangerous times of year on American roadways – particularly due to an increase in motorists who drive under the influence (DUI). During Labor Day weekend, 2013, the trend didn't just continue, it increased.

As part of a nationwide effort to reduce high rates of DUI accidents, injuries, and fatalities, the state of Georgia followed suit with other states throughout the nation by ramping up law enforcement and patrols dedicated specifically to enforcing Georgia's DUI laws. This anti-DUI campaign began at 6 p.m. on Friday, August 30 and ended at midnight on Monday, September 1 – Labor Day.

During the campaign, law enforcement agencies throughout the state increased patrols and set up DUI checkpoints. According to the Georgia State Patrol, more than 225 drivers were arrested under suspicion of DUI. There were also 443 reported traffic accidents, 226 reported injuries, and 14 reported deaths – one more traffic-related death than last year.

While these statistics reveal that law enforcement agencies throughout the state are succeeding in arresting those they suspect of driving under the influence, they will also surely motivate authorities to continue their focus on enforcing DUI laws. For those who stand accused of a DUI in Atlanta or any of the surrounding communities, this can mean aggressive prosecution and harsh punishment.

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