Understanding Child Endangerment & DUI Laws

Are you facing charges of child endangerment and DUI? You should be aware of the laws and what you could possibly be up against. It is important to understand that child endangerment and DUI are two separate offenses. DUI penalties are harsh in and of themselves; but in combination with child endangerment, the punishments can become even more severe.

Understanding Georgia Laws

Adults are expected to uphold the responsibility of children under their care. By law, anyone 14 years of age or younger is considered a child. So if an adult gets behind the wheel and a child is in the vehicle, the law presumes that the adult is aware of their responsibilities, and therefore is knowingly putting the child's life at risk.

Below are the penalties for child endangerment and DUI:

  • 1st offense: 1 year in jail minimum, fine of $1, 000
  • 2nd offense: 1 year in jail minimum, fine of $ 5, 000
  • 3rd offense: 5 years in jail minimum, fine of $10, 000

As you can see, the more offenses on record, the harsher the penalties become; a third offense, for example is considered a felony level charge! You could also face license suspension, points on your driving record, and incur additional charges if other children were in the vehicle with you. If, for example, there were two children in the car, you could face two counts of child endangerment, on top of DUI penalties. In this instance, the legal defense team can help refute the presumptions.

If you were charged, it is imperative that you speak to an Atlanta DUI lawyer to assist you with this case. This is in order to promote better parent behavior and help them understand why the actions can lead to serious injuries or worse.

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