Attorneys Howard Weintraub and Benjamin Alper Get Reduced Sentence for Client in Federal Cyberstalking Case


Criminal defense attorneys Howard Weintraub and Benjamin Alper of Weintraub & Alper Legal. defended the rights of Michael C. Ford, a former State Department employee who served at the United States Embassy in London. The defendant was arrested for cyberstalking numerous young women in a “sextortion” campaign which allegedly lasted for two years. Although Federal prosecutors recommended that Ford be sentenced to eight years in federal prison, Mr. Weintraub and Mr. Alper were able to prove that the 8-year sentence was completely unreasonable, cutting the original sentence proposal nearly in half.

During the trial, the judge recognized that Ford fully accepted responsibility for his actions and was more than willing to assist the government through the duration of his case. Mr. Alper explained to the Daily Report, “Mr. Ford deeply regrets his actions and looks forward to completing his sentence and returning to his family.”

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