Attorney Alper Defends Client Involved in Capitol Riot

Attorney Ben Alper was featured in an article from The Atlanta Journal-Constitution titled, “Ga. man charged in Capitol riot told cop, ‘You’re going to die tonight,’ feds say” in April 2021. Ultimately, the client was denied bond for his alleged involvement in the Capitol Riot on January 6. 

At a court hearing, the prosecution presented several pieces of evidence of the client’s alleged assaults on Metro D.C. police officers. However, Attorney Alper argued that the client had no prior criminal history—besides a traffic violation and a misdemeanor charge related to criminal trespass—and is not a member of any far-right organizations. Additionally, the client has never made any threats on social media. 

According to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Attorney Alper said in federal court: 

“There is nothing in Mr. Whitton’s background or history to suggests that he is presently a danger to himself or the community.” 

He and the defense team also provided the court over 40 affidavits and letters from the client’s friends and family, supporting the client’s release and insisting his alleged actions were completely out of the ordinary. 

Attorney Alper said that the Capitol riot is a singular event, and the client was significantly influenced by “mob mentality.” Under normal circumstances, the client is a non-violent man. 

Federal law enforcement officials have arrested and charged almost 400 people who were allegedly involved in the riot on January 6. Although federal prosecutors have attempted to hold these individuals without bond, several defendants have successfully obtained their release pending trial. 

Attorney Alper has trial-tested experience in state and federal court. He has previously litigated in the U.S. Attorney's Office, Northern District of Georgia, the Criminal Justice Division of the Georgia Attorney General's Office, and the Northern Virginia Capital Defender's Office. 

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