Why Fraud Crimes Increase Around Christmas

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Did you know that the winter holiday season tends to bring about a spike in fraud crimes?

Types of Fraud During the Holidays

Holiday shopping is frequently occurring both in stores and online at this time of year. This also means that it’s an optimal time for many individuals looking to commit fraud. Let’s discuss some of the most common fraud schemes that occur during this busy season.

Fake Websites Targeting Consumers

One method of fraud over the holidays involves fake websites offering to sell goods. Individuals shopping online for gifts may order from these websites, only to never get the item they ordered.

Chargeback Fraud

This type of fraud occurs when someone buys something online then requests a refund after receiving the package. The goal is to keep the product while getting their money back. In many cases, they claim they either never received the package, or the item came broken or in poor condition.

These types of offenses are also referred to as non-payment fraud and non-delivery fraud.

Identity Theft

A lot of personal information is shared when making online purchases. Some fraud crimes involve stealing online shopper data, ultimately allowing them to use their identity for illegal purposes.

Other Crimes That Are Frequent During the Winter Holidays

While fraud offenses will definitely be on the rise in the coming weeks, so will other crimes. Some of the most common offenses at this time of year include:

  • DUI
  • Robbery
  • Burglary
  • Shoplifting

The police will be on high alert for all types of criminal activity over the next month.

Atlanta Criminal Defense Attorney

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