Keeping Your Kids Out of Trouble This Halloween

person in all black spray painting, committing vandalism

The Halloween season celebrates all things spooky, scary, and mischievous. Naturally, some kids and teenagers may get involved in trouble this October. Here’s what you should know as a parent who wants to keep your kids safe and out of legal trouble.

Common Juvenile Crimes on Halloween

Many teenagers will go out to spend Halloween with their friends. Unfortunately, peer pressure is a big risk factor for whether or not a juvenile will commit a crime. Even kids who show no inclination to make trouble could find themselves in a bad situation with the influence of their peers.

Some of the most common juvenile offenses on Halloween include:

  • Underage drinking and DUI
  • Vandalism
  • Trespassing
  • Theft
  • Assault

These are serious offenses that may result in penalties for your child, as well as a mark on their record that can follow them for years to come.

How to Discuss These Matters with Your Teenager

Parents may feel uncomfortable discussing serious topics with their teenage children. On the other hand, some teenagers may be resistant to these conversations. While never fun, discussing rules and expectations with your teenagers is important. It can benefit them in the long run by keeping them out of legal trouble.

  • Get information: If your teenager will be spending Halloween away from home, ask them where they will be and who they will be with. You may consider having them share their cell phone location with you.
  • Set up rules: Will you enforce a curfew? How far can they travel? Where can they go? Setting rules can help keep your child from getting into late night trouble in the wrong area.
  • Tell them to call: Many underage DUI cases occur because children are scared to tell their parents they drank alcohol. Make sure your child knows that you would rather they call you for a safe ride than try to get home on their own.
  • Share the risks: Make sure your teens know the risks of criminal charges when they are young. This knowledge can help deter them from getting involved in Halloween shenanigans.

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