Truck Driver Arrested for DUI Shortly Before Reckless Homicide Hearing

A Georgia truck driver was arrested for drunk driving after witnesses called police to report that the trailer of his truck was swerving into the wrong lane. When law enforcement stopped the driver, they discovered an empty bottle of hard lemonade in the vehicle. A breathalyzer test indicated that the trucker's blood alcohol concentration (BAC) exceeded .22% - over twice the legal BAC limit.

Police said that they noticed a "fruity alcoholic smell" on the man's breath, but the trucker claimed that he hadn't consumed alcohol for several days. The suspect was arrested for suspicion of DUI after he failed field sobriety testing and declined to take another breathalyzer test.

On the way to the Rockdale County Jail, the trucker asked officers if he would be able to appear in court later this month for a reckless homicide hearing. According to a news source, the man was arrested after he hit a car in January and killed a 27-year-old medical student.

Although he originally faced a felony DUI charge, the solicitor's office dismissed the accusation and charged him with reckless homicide instead. A police report indicated that the man removed a pack of beer from his truck after the accident and threw if over a guard rail immediately after the first accident.

Accused of Drunk Driving in Georgia?

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