The DUI Myths You Already Believe

Arrested for drunk driving in Atlanta? You've probably heard a lot of things about drunk driving charges in the past. Unfortunately, there are a multitude of common misconceptions about drunk driving and DUI defense. That's why you need a reliable, informed, and experienced Atlanta DUI defense attorney to help you understand your legal rights, circumstances, and options. Here are a few common DUI myths that you've probably heard before:

  • My BAC was less than .08%; they can't charge me with drunk driving. Actually, you can be charged with drunk driving even if you weren't drunk. If your BAC was less than .08% but law enforcement produces evidence that your driving ability was impaired, you could still be charged and convicted of drunk driving. Alcohol affects everyone different. While one person might not feel drunk with a BAC of .04%, others might not be able to drive safely with a low BAC. Additionally, drivers less than 21 years old can be charged with drunk driving with a BAC as low as .02%.
  • My case is hopeless because I failed a field sobriety test. This is false. Field sobriety tests are subjective. In reality, a field sobriety test does not conclusively indicate whether or not you are drunk. A clumsy person might trip and fail a test, while an intoxicated driver with good balance might be able to pass. Additionally, field sobriety tests are only valid when administered correctly. If the arresting officer does not administer the test correctly, it cannot be used as evidence against your case. If you were arrested for failing a field sobriety test, we can help.
  • Intoxilyzer breath tests accurately indicate your level of impairment. While law enforcement officers would like you to believe otherwise, Intoxilyzer breath tests are not completely reliable. In fact, a multitude of outside factors can influence your BAC reading. If the driver isn't drunk but consumed alcohol on an empty stomach, the test might indicate a high BAC reading. Additionally, a low-carb diet, low body fat, diabetes and other factors can affect the Intoxilyzer results. If you were arrested because your BAC level appeared to be over the legal limit, contact the Law Offices of Howard J. Weintraub.

How Our Atlanta DUI Lawyer Can Serve You

After an arrest, you might feel hopeless. Remember: you don't have to face this challenge alone. Prosecutors might try to make you think that your field sobriety test or Intoxilyzer reading guarantees a conviction. In reality, an Atlanta DUI defense attorney from our firm can help you fight these charges. Contact us today to see what the Law Offices of Howard J. Weintraub can do for your DUI defense case.

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