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Accused of Violating Your Probation?

Call an Atlanta Criminal Defense Attorney

Those who are given probation are usually given this in lieu of a much harsher punishment, e.g. incarceration. For those under probation, major scrutiny is given to all of their actions and some rights may either be restricted or even taken away altogether.

Every individual who is given probation as a punishment must follow the terms as ordered by the courts. As an example, you can be found in violation if you fail to attend meetings with your probation officer. Another example is if a restraining order has been placed against you, and you visit the individuals or area where you are restricted, that is also considered a violation.

Fortunately, being accused of violating your probation is defensible, with the right attorney.
Work with The Law Offices of Howard J. Weintraub, P.C. to get premier defense now!

What Our Defense Can Accomplish

Our Atlanta criminal defense lawyers have more than 40 years of collective experience fighting for clients against the most serious of criminal charges. We understand how the justice system works, especially when it comes to probation violations. A defense attorney is supposed to take swift and immediate action to protect you from the penalties.

The penalties could include the following:

  • Added probation time
  • Jail time and continued probation
  • Probation revocation with added jail time
  • Heavy fines

The first step after being accused is that you will have a chance to defend yourself during a hearing. This is an opportunity for you to not only uphold your legal rights but also for your defense team to disprove the evidence brought up against you, and persuade the judge that the evidence does not correlate with the accusation mad. Your attorney is someone who has full knowledge of the law and is someone you can turn to, to give you answers and negotiate on your behalf.

Remember that you have a right to defense if you were accused of violating probation. The Law Offices of Howard J. Weintraub, P.C. can help you. Call our firm today so that we can begin!